WELDING WIRES Welding Solutions


Thanks to our long experience, we now rank first among the leading companies in the field of solid welding wires manufacturing.
Serious controls, punctual deliveries, and continous availability towards our customers have allowed us to grow and to become a company which is exporting products worldwide. Our departments are well-equipped with most advanced machinery and a technological laboratory for quality control which give us the possibility to satisfy any specific need.


Wire particulary suitable for joints of very good appearance with a safe deep penetration - for parts to be painted and at sight.
Selected raw materials free from impurities give stable arc with very low spatters.
L.D.W. (Long Distance Welding)

Wire for robot applications.
Manufactured using a specific superficial treatment to allow feeding up to 30 meters in automatic and semi-automatic process also with multiple angles.
Suitable for high speed welding accompanied by high amperages.
limited friction in the liners with reduced usage of spare parts.
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